Queen's Rocket Engineering Team




2015 IREC

QUASR competed in the 10th annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) hosted by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association in Green River, Utah between June 24-28 2015.


We competed in the basic category, where the goal is to release a 10 lb scientific payload at 10,000 ft altitude and safely recover all components.

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Our rocket was successfully launched and recovered on Friday June 26th, reaching a maximum altitude of 12,626' (3.85 km) and maximum speed of 340 m/s (Mach 1.03). Unfortunately the main parachute deployed at apogee and the rocket drifted over 5 km before landing unharmed. We were also unable to locate the payload, possibly due to radio transmitters breaking on landing.


Though we lost points for overshooting the goal altitude and deploying the main parachute early, the team considered the competition a success. Our first launch of this caliber was executed safely and all important components returned intact. Our team stood out for our unique innovations such as the expanded nose section, retractable rail guides, student-made Kevlar/fiberglass airframe, custom flight computer, and onboard GPS & RF transmitter allowing for real-time tracking of the rocket. Our rocket was also the lightest at the competition, weighing in at just under 35 lb (16 kg) including payload and fuel.

We also learned a lot from speaking with other teams and watching their launches. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful - special thanks goes to Mississippi State Space Cowboys for lending us supplies and tools when we had to improvise a lost part.


We hope to attend IREC 2016 and already have great ideas for next year's rocket! Thanks to everyone who has helped us thus far!

Raw Launch Footage